CRUISSE Network Conference 2018 Timetable

Wednesday 7th November

0845-0915 Registration
915-1045 Introductory panel

What We Are Learning from Each Other: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Researching Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

David Tuckett (UCL) and Leonard Smith (LSE)

Chair: David Good (University of Cambridge)

1045-1115 Coffee Break
1115-1230 Co-Creation Saves Lives. Leonard Smith (Centre for the Analysis of Time Series, LSE) with Sarah Barr, Sarah Klassen, and Leonie LeBorgne (START Network)

Chair: Ed Wheatcroft (UCL)

1230-1345 Lunch Network Break
1345 –1500 Making a Triage between Risk and Uncertainty Useful: A Project to Help NGOs Make Better Decisions with a Wicked Problem Tobias Pforr (University of Warwick and Reading)

Chair: Miles Elsden

Discussants:  Sarah Barr, Sarah Klassen (START Network)

1500-1615 Uncertainty Communication in Financial Markets

Ekaterina Svetlova (University of Leicester)

 Heuristics for Coping with Strategic Uncertainty in Banking

Timo Ehrig, Jürgen Jost, Konstantinos Katsikopoulos, Gerd Gigerenzer Presented by: Timo Ehrig (Dept. Marketing & Management and Strategic Organizational Design, Syddanski University, and Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences)

Chair: Richard Bronk (European Institute, LSE)

Discussant: Peter Challoner

1615-1645 Tea Break
1645-1830 Old and New Insights from Management Theory on Decision-Making under Knightian Uncertainty

Mark Fenton O’Creevy (School of Management, Open University)

What Do We Say if We must advise people to cope with a sustained power failure? Kris de Meyer (King’s College London)

Chair: Peter Andrews (Formerly, Chief Economist, Financial Conduct Authority)

Discussant: Brian MacGillivray (University of Cardiff)

1830-1930 Welcome Reception. North Cloisters, UCL

Thursday 8th November

0930-11.00 Making Resilience Part of the Infrastructure Plot

Ben Bowles and Laura Bear (Dept. Social Anthropology, LSE)

Cyber Security: How Can We Ensure We Get Protected

Miles Elsden (Elsden Consulting, former Science Adviser to HMG)

Chair: Catherine Fieschi (Director, Counterpoint Political Science) | Discussant: TBD

11.00-1130 Coffee Break
1130-1300 Calculating and Communicating Ensemble-Based Volcanic Ash Dosage and Concentration Risk for Aviation

Helen Dacre (University of Reading)

Forecasting and Communicating to Improve Flood Management. Dr Rudy Arthur & colleagues and Dr David Benson & colleagues (University of Exeter)

Chair: Diana Mangalagiu (Environmental Change Institute, University Oxford and Sciences Po, Paris)

Discussant: Elisabeth Stephens (Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Reading)

1300-1415 Lunch Network Break
1415-1545 Will Machines Replace Our Jobs? Michael Korenberg, Catherine Tilley and Steve Evans (Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge)

Decisions under uncertainty in knowledge and information sharing dilemmas: The role of motivation and expert status

Karin Moser (London South Bank University)

Chair: Julie Gore (Management School, University of Bath)

Discussant: Wendy Grossman (The Skeptic Magazine)

1545-1615 Tea Break
1615-1715 Plenary Address: John Kay  CBE, FRSE, FBA, FAcSS

Chair: David Benson (Formerly Chief Risk Officer, Nomura)

1715-1830 Closing Panel A UK Institute for High Impact Decision-Making

Presenter: David Good (University of Cambridge)

Discussants: Leonard Smith (LSE) and David Tuckett (UCL)

Chair: Phil Brice (Formerly, BP)

1830-1930 Closing Reception. South Cloisters, UCL