CRUISSE Network Meeting 2017: Presentations

The CRUISSE Network Meeting took place at University College London on the 21st and 22nd of September 2017.

We had the following presentations:


Is Box 3 Empty? Addressing Challenging Decisions

Leonard Smith
London School of Economics and Political Science

How do EA Orgs Account for Uncertainty in Their Analysis?

Simon Beard, Peter Hurford & Kathryn Mecrow
University of Cambridge

How do Executives Navigate the Radical  Uncertainties of Building Environmentally  and Socially Sustainable Businesses? A Study of Framing in Decision-Making.

Catherine Tilley & Steve Evans
University of Cambridge

Challenging Radical Uncertainty in Science, Society and the Environment.

David Good
University of Cambridge

The Role of Formal Models in Financial Decision-Making.

Ekaterina Svetlova
University of Leicester

The Stories we Tell Ourselves: Narrative, Emotion and Fantasy in Strategic  Decision-Making.

Mark Fenton-O’Creevy & David Tuckett
University College London and The Open University

Logical Probability: A Keynesian theoretical foundation for scenario planning.

James Derbyshire
Middlesex University

Navigating Cascades of Uncertainty – Easy as ABC?

Katie Smith, Rob Wilby, Ciaran Broderick, Christel Prudhomme, Tom Matthews, Shaun Harrigan & Conor Murphy
Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Episodic & Semantic Aspects of Time  Series & Risk.
(accepted but not presented)

Nick Watkins
University of Warwick

Large-Group Decision-Making and Consensus. A (not so) Academic Perspective.

Iván Palomares Carrascosa
University of Bristol

Early Intervention Policy, from “Troubled Families” to “Named Persons”: Problems with Evidence and Framing “Valence” Issues.

Paul Cairney
University of Stirling

 Decision Analysis and the Political Process.

Simon French
University of Warwick

 Insights Into Practical Reasoning From Financial Crises.
(accepted but not presented)

Tim Johnson
Heriot-Watt University

Some New Ways of Thinking About Decision-Making.

David Tucket
University College London

A Dynamic Decision-Making Process for Evidence-Based Learning on Megaprojects.

Zhen Chen
University of Strathclyde

Models to Decisions (M2D): Network on Decision  Making Under Uncertainty

Peter Challenor, Catherine Powell & Emma Clarke