2018 Conference Videos

Videos from the 2018 CRUISSE Network Conference

Session 1: Introductory Panel

with David Good, David Tuckett and Leonard Smith

Session 2: Co-Creation Saves Lives

Sarah Klassen and Sarah Barr present the START Network’s latest work

Session 3: Making a Triage Between Risk and Uncertainty Useful 

with Melina Koutsis (START Network) and Tobias Pforr (University of Reading and University of Warwick)

Session 4: Uncertainty Communication in Financial Markets

presented by Ekaterina Svetlova (University of Leicester) and chaired by Richard Bronk (LSE)

Session 6: Old and New Insights from Management Theory on Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

presented by Mark Fenton O’Creevy (School of Management, Open University)

Session 7: What Do We Say If We Must Advise People To Cope With A Sustained Power Failure?

presented by Kris de Meyer (King’s College London)

Session 8: Making Resilience Part of the Infrastructure Plot

presented by Ben Bowles and Laura Bear (LSE)

Session 9: Cyber Security: How Can We Ensure We Get Protected?

presented by Miles Elsden, of Elsden Consulting

Session 10: Calculating and Communicating Ensemble-based Volcanic Ash Dosage and Concentration Risk for Aviation

presented by Helen Dacre (University of Reading)

Session 11: Forecasting and Communicating to Improve Flood Management

presented by Rudy Arthur (University of Exeter)

Session 12: Communicating Flood Risk and Uncertainty: A Survey in Cornwall

presented by Rebecca Pearce

Session 13: Will Machines Replace Our Jobs?

presented by Catherine Tilley (University of Cambridge)

Session 14: Knowledge and Information Sharing Dilemmas: The Role of Motivation and Expert Status

presented by Karin Moser (London South Bank University)

Session 15: Closing Panel – A UK Institute for High Impact Decision Making

presented by David Good, Leonard Smith, and David Tuckett