Pose a Challenge

Calling decision-makers!  Are you looking for a way forward in a situation of radical uncertainty?  Perhaps you have already looked at existing methods from academic literature, but the degree to which you need to simplify the situation means that the outputs would no longer be applicable?  Have you had unhelpful discussions with consultants who insist that your problem can be solved, then make unrealistic assumptions or ignore your real-world constraints?  We are interesting in taking a more holistic approach and will listen to the whole of your decision problem, not just the bit that can be written mathematically.

The CRUISSE Network will fund 6-8 small projects looking at decision problems which are considered not to be tractable with traditional analysis methods, and will look at innovative potential routes to addressing, if not necessarily “solving” these problems.  We will look to provide useful practical insights and strategies for coping with the uncertain situation, so that you can have confidence in your decision-making process even where an “optimal solution” is simply unavailable.

Examples of current proposals and previously-funded projects can be found here.

You are invited to send a problem description to cruisse@ucl.ac.uk by 15th January 2018.  We will see initial approaches as the beginning of a conversation rather than a single bid for a pot of money or project.  So please do get in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you.