National Flood Forum – Project 1 Summary

Multi-stakeholder communication in flood management

The project is undertaking a programme of theoretically-grounded empirical research to explore the evidence around streamlining multi-stakeholder interactions in uncertain flood risk management situations. It is conducting an analysis of two case studies of UK flood management partnerships to discern preliminary conclusions about how individual actors’ perceptions and understandings of uncertainty and their practices (in specific roles and organisations) affect how management of floods is communicated within multi-stakeholder contexts. Varied perceptions and understandings of flood management by individuals within organisations and communities can result in differing approaches to risk communication, when coordinated action is required to protect lives and property. Moreover, the UK Government’s National Flood Resilience Review expressly calls for better ways to communicate flood risk. Therefore, the research aims to better understand conceptualisations of uncertainty in flood management in order to improve the effectiveness of communication and hence overall governance of risks.